Posted by: climatewonk | March 8, 2008

Denialist Canards of the Day

I thought this might be a good category to add to the list.  

Speaking of canards, I came across a few in the posts at Deltoid, the first being that Christopher Moncton and fellow deniers are planning to sue Al Gore, for crimes against humanity and suchlike. You know, Gore being an evil emperor out for world domination and all. The second being that Al Gore is equal to such evil empire type criminals as Mussolini and Mao. 

Seriously, I wonder at the psychological health of some of the people in the denialist camp. I realize a lot of them are rabid right-wing libertarian types who verge on paranoia at the best of times, but to compare Gore to Hitler Stalin and Mao? With a straight face? 

I’ve seen my share of nutters over at the CA messageboard who speak of scary totalitarian communist socialist environmentalist ecologist types. In fact, one poster there linked warmers/alarmists to Goebbels and Trotsky, so this hysteria over evil warmers as totalitarian Nazi communists is quite amusing and sadly, pervasive. 

I won’t link to that place. I hesitate to even mention it, but it is a legitimate part of my research.


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