Posted by: climatewonk | March 8, 2008

Denialist Claim # 29: Global Cooling

A great post about the pesky “global cooling” mole over at RealClimate, who respond to the issue far better than I ever could. 

This is #29 of the top 35 Denialist lies Claims about Global Warming. Apparently, between 1965 and 1979, the majority (44/73) of peer-reviewed papers published in appropriate journals predicted warming, 22 were neutral and only 7 predicted cooling.

It was the media that jumped on the idea of global cooling, not climate scientists.  

Just another bit of denialist subterfuge and disinformation.



  1. Gullible warming isn’t happening. But don’t believe me. You can find out the truth yourself. Why is it so cold now? You may want to check out
    I’m not into denialism. Global warming people are.

  2. Why is it so cold now?

    That would be likely due to a small thing called La Nina. As many have said who have far more knowledge of climate than I have, you have to be able to distinguish between signal and noise.

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