Posted by: climatewonk | December 5, 2009

Climategate — Victory?

Of course, it doesn’t matter what the truth is — there is so much spin going on out there in denialoblogisphereland that it would be virtually impossible to sort through the dreck to find the facts.

This is the key to manufacturing uncertainty — most people are not able to rise above their own biases to read a document with objectivity. It takes a really self-aware person — aware of their own biases — to even approach an unbiased view of some event, especially if it is linked to a cause they believe in.

Thus, in the world of the climate wars, each side sees the hacked emails the way that best reflects on their own position. We have denialists claiming this is the death knell of climate science and cheering that the rogues will lose their jobs, etc. or — as I read in one blog — be put into jail with a big hairy smelly roommate. Others are claiming that the emails mean nothing and it will all come out in the wash, but I beg to differ. I think this is really serious, not because of the real truth to the notion that climate science is a sham, but due to the harm this has done to its public perception and image.

That is what the climate wars are really all about — convincing the general public — and through them, the politicians — to its side of things so that there will be/won’t be action on climate change.

But I already had come to the conclusion that no real action on climate change will occur any time soon. There are just too many very powerful stakeholders with their hands in the pants of politicians for it to happen.

We had better hope that the climate scientists warning about the possibilities of a wholly new climate in the next century are hoaxers and charlatans.


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