Climate Wonk is a wanna-be climate policy wonk graduate student / government bureaucrat pursuing a PhD in Public Policy at a graduate school of public policy in western Canada.

Education: BSc in Biology, BA Hons, MA and pretty much all of a PhD in Social Science (absent dissertation). The arrival of my first child directed me into a working life and away from a graduate school and now that I have put in 15 years as a workhorse and breadwinner, I am going back to finish a PhD in public policy.

Past employment as a Sessional Lecturer at the university level. Senior Research Officer and Senior Policy Analyst with government and free-lance researcher with various organizations.

Married with children, too much life and not enough time.

Professional interests include health policy, environmental policy, environmental health policy, science policy, the history of science, the sociology of science, political science, environmental health. BSc in Biology with a focus on molecular genetics and cell biology. MA and PhD work on social and political theory.

Current PhD research interests include environmental and health policy, health impacts of climate change.


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